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Chocco Garden

Chocco Garden - It's serious when it comes to chocolate. Where does the name come from? - You might be wondering. The answer is that every time you open a box of our chocolate, it feels like you are stepping into a secret garden. After each bite, you can taste and feel the fruity and floral notes of cocoa, which tell a different story of time and place, a story of the distant rainforests of South America, Indonesia or the forests of West Africa. Cocoa plantations are like huge, unarranged gardens. First there are thousands of bell-shaped flowers that decorate the trees, then later the cocoa fruits that shine brightly in many different colors, from bright yellow to pink or purple. And even if we think it's a long way from cocoa pods to chocolate, for us chocolate lovers, these lands are like the Garden of Eden. That is why we have chosen this name and, with the choice, we have also committed ourselves to letting our farmers and the communities that cultivate and care for these gardens feel similar to their work and lives. We aim to amaze our customers with our premium quality, decadent sweetness, fantastic taste and beautiful appearance, and with constant and passionate innovations, which always means a new delicious surprise.