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Almost 100 years after its founding in Brussels, we continue to honor our Belgian roots, ensuring that every GODIVA piece is full of quality, Belgian craftsmanship and the best ingredients in the world. Our chocolate foundation has an authenticity that stems from our proud Belgian heritage. Our logo from Belgium in 1926 reflects this spirit, paying homage to the time and place where our story began and our name, Lady Godiva, which embodies the values ​​we hold with the greatest love. In 1926, Pierre Draps Sr. began making pralines in his confectionery workshop in Brussels. His young sons, Joseph, Francois and Pierre Jr., all worked in the family business from an early age. After the death of their father, they took over the business. The family was deeply inspired by the legend of Lady Godiva and named the company in her honor. Values ​​associated with Lady Godiva such as boldness, generosity and a pioneering spirit still form the GODIVA creed today.