For over 20 years, our company has been devoted to creating a market for real chocolate, chocolate accessible to all consumers.

Established in 2000, with an experience of over 20 years in the import and distribution of food, we found a need in the Romanian market for premium quality chocolate and sweets, products which in Europe could be found for years on the shelves of major stores.

Thus, from 2011, we represent in Romania, leading European manufacturers of premium and luxury chocolate.

Maintaining a steady growth year after year, we added to our product portfolio big names and we have obtained the status of "sole importer" for numerous brands of chocolate, we have created our own brands, we opened the first chocolate in Viennese style in Timisoara, and the most important aspect, we managed to meet the desires and needs of our customers, working hard to provide them faultlessly services and high quality products.

The company's objective was, from the beginning, to deliver quality products, premium chocolate and sweets, because we knew how important all this is for the final customers.

Now, we supply a wide range of chocolate in Romania, we are major suppliers to supermarket chains, hypermarkets, petrol stations, specialty shops, chains of retailers, bakeries and pastry shops.

Our history is based on passion, performance, and most importantly, a partnership based on respect. We keep our clients, we are honest with them and we always make time for them. We know how to admit mistakes and take responsibility.

We represent European luxury brands, and we have a portfolio of manufacturers such as: Goldkenn (Switzerland), Heindl (Austria), Hamlet (Belgium), Villars (Switzerland), Klingele (Belgium), Reber (Germany), Abtey (France) and many others.

Also the well-known brand of chocolate Americana is now back in the Romanian market - this is our own brand and we have a wide range of products: milk tablet, peanuts, mint cream, strawberry, banana, apricots, cappuccino, dark chocolate, plain chocolate for confectioneries, chocolate bars for children, waffles, chocolate rounds - all Americana branded products, produced only for Inter Conecter.

Our headquarters is in Timisoara, from where we coordinate the nationwide distribution with our own cars, logistics and infrastructure, departments of marketing, sales and consulting.

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