Lindt & Sprüngli

Sprüngli &Son begins it's story in 1845, as a father-son partnership, driven by the passion of chocolate manufacturing.  Since then, the company has gone through many different eras, and today it has 12 manufacturing sites,  being recognized for a large selection of products distributed in more than 120 countries around the world.



is an Austrian chocolate-brand that was established in 1882 in Vienna and acquired by Lindt & Sprüngli in 1994. HOFBAUER delivers high quality confectionery pralines with carefully selected ingredients and loves to provide pleasure to its consumers with Viennese charm throughout the whole world.




Confiserie Heindl, an Austrian family enterprise, was founded in Vienna ’s 5th district. The master confectioner, Walter Heindl senior, began with his wife Maria to manufacture liqueur chocolates and confectionary. His own creations are famous today as classic Viennese confectionary. Heindl-Group runs about 30 specialist confectionary outlets throughout Austria and is therefore not only one of the largest confectionary retailers in the entire country, but also an worldwide exporting enterprise.



For over half a century, Confiserie Heilemann has dedicated itself to the creation of exclusive chocolate delicacies. At the heart of south Germany’s Allgäu region, exquisite pralines, fine chocolate and many other masterpieces of the confectioner’s art are handcrafted in premium tradition. An art appreciated by real connoisseurs and true lovers of chocolate.



In 1956, the story of Belgium brand Hamlet started with Alfred Geltmeyer. Operating out of a small bakery in the centre of Vrasene (Belgium) he started a small-scale sweets wholesale business. When his three children joined the company, they chose to expand it with the company’s own chocolate-producing facility. Nowadays all the Hamlet employees share the same passion, namely to offer you the most delicious chocolate and sweets. Day after day.

logo gunz


Gunz Warenhandels GmbH was founded in 1986. They are a family-run enterprise with headquarters in Mäder, in western Austria. The focus of their business is the development and distribution of international own-brand range in the food industry. Currently the portfolio includes 25 internationally registered Gunz brands, which are exported to over 90 countries worldwide. It offers an international range of foods that includes more than 1200 attractive products for a wide range of markets: confectionery, pastries and bakery products, chocolates and chocolate, snacks, nutriments, beverages, international products, licensed products and seasonal products.



Klingele`s philosophy is simple and straightforward...
They take the greatest care in selecting finest ingredients from all around the world and blending them with pure cocoa.
Then comes the loving care and passion in making healthy and honest products: "If you're looking for healthy and honestly prepared chocolate, then you've come to the right address!" is their motto. Specialty chocolates they make: no added sugar (maltitol), with Stevia extract as sweetener, lactose free, organic and Fairtrade.


Farmer`s Snack

Young, passionate and sophisticated — this is what sets Farmer’s Snack apart. They founded the company in 1971. Ever since, innovative product development has been at their core, a fact which technologically sophisticated products reflect.


Chocolaterie ICKX

Chocolate specialists from ICKX have been making and distributing delicious and exclusive pralines since 1972. Their products are unique not only by taste, but also because of the refined finishing touches made manually. Chocolaterie Ickx develops and manufactures these exquisite  products that will surprise you in every season and on every occasion.



Is part of the Barry Callebaut family that calls itself "home of the finest Belgian chocolate", one of the most known brand among the confectioners, pastry chefs, bakers and chocolate artisans.
Callebaut distinguish itself by having more than a century of tradition, over 40 manufacturing sites all over the world, it's own cocoa plantation and it's own schools: Callebaut College and the Callebaut Chocolate Academy.



The love of chocolate crosses for 3 generations the family business, now run by Anne-Catherine Roedel, granddaughter of Henry and Amelia. Their expertise has made the company specialist in the liquor filled chocolates without sugar crust , known for their unique and authentic flavor. The manufacturing sites is located on Alsace region of France, the place where all the creativity, knowledge and quality ingredients are put together wonderfully by the chocolate masters. "I have created all my chocolates with passion in order to make each bite a festive celebration" said Henry Abtey.